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A blog dedicated to the professional thoughts and opinions of the world's leading resume writer, Sharon Wiliams.

As multi-award winning, expert resume writers, we ...
  • partner with you to define and/or elevate your overall brand for increased earning potential.

  • streamline the collaboration process with a unique JobRockit approach to gathering "the right information ... first" including you in the document development process from start to finish.

  • rethink how to deliver resume content to "tell your story" infused with differentiation, branding, and passion so the attention of hiring managers and recruiters is captured within seconds!

  • ​design visually appealing, non-traditional documentation that consistently receives TORI awards and comments like, "I've never seen a resume like this before!"

  • ​craft modular resumes (stand-alone pages) customized for those considering a career change, but who may decide to stay in a current position. This innovative format eliminates the need for two different resumes.

  • ​analyze clients down to a science regarding transferable skills and performance statistics to create a one-page "networking resume" (World's Best Resume Writer, Professional Vote).

  • develop cover letters that "sell it from the heart" in a persuasive business format (5x-award winner).

  • ​boost confidence for client interviews by writing a resume that IS the interview!

  • teach clients how to win a second interview or job offer in the last 3 minutes of the interview

  • ​JobRockit holds prestigious awards and professional credentials unparalleled to many in the careers industry.

Many generations in my family and my husband's served our country in France (WWI-grandfathers/uncles), Italy/Germany (WWI-fathers/uncles), Vietnam (husband), and it would be an honor and a pleasure to use my passion and expertise to create job search documentation for veterans