A great deal of effort goes into the self-reflection process to create documentation that is branded, achievement-laden, and targeted. JobRockit's "Five-Step Discovery Process is streamlined to uncover not only quantifiable achievements, but also "stories" (life experiences) that showcase who you are and reflect the unique promise of value you bring to your next employer.



A good process leads to a good product - one that gains momentum in your targeted search where benefits are gained by the "right match." Abraham Lincoln said, "If I had 8 hours to cut down a tree, I'd spend 6 hours sharpening my ax." JobRockit's analytical process is KEY in evaluating how to position you as the best candidate!



This is where the analyzation process meets the creative process! The hard part is over and now the fun begins as words are crafted to tell your story infused with differentiation, branding, and passion. You will be included in this process from rough draft to final document. Once you see the initial format and clearly understand the vision, bells and whistles will sound off for deeper personal and professional reflection.



As promised, your customized documentation will be sent via email within the timeline determined during our initial conversation.

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The JobRockit Approach


First, it is important to know where you will use your resume ... what targeted position ... what industry. Instead of a two-hour intake session or lengthy worksheets, we request an old resume to gain an overview of your past and to gather factual information (education, address, dates of employment). If you do not have an old resume, that's ok, too.

Second, JobRockit's simplified career worksheets will be sent via email. They require a great deal of thought. A resume is like a research paper-it's only as good as the information gathered. When you work with us, you will be very involved in the process. Therefore, the following two questions on the worksheets not only provide the background for what makes you "the best candidate for the position," but also prepare you to ramp an interview to another level. How? Because we develop your resume like it IS an interview!

Third, once you have submitted your old resume and the JobRockit worksheets, we have enough preliminary information to create resume draft #1-whether good, bad, or ugly! Now, here's where you come into the process again. We email draft #1 for your review of the content, format, and strategy to clearly understand the vision, allowing for deeper personal and professional reflection. Then, we schedule a time to discuss additions / edits / 'aha!' moments and, by the 2nd draft, the master resume begins to unfold with your unique promise of value for a position you have worked hard for ... and deserve!

What is most important to know is that no matter if we are writing documentation for college students, mid-level professionals, or Executives, the process is the same-to showcase transferable skills and quantifiable achievements, and tell "life experiences" as they apply to the requirements of a specific job target. While the process seems fairly straight forward, it is the analysis of the information that can be challenging while creating visually appealing, compelling text, and graphs that grab HR's attention within seconds.

Process Makes Perfect

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Greatest Accomplishments

What are your Top 10 Greatest Accomplishments? (quantify as much as possible ... and, by the way, not all achievements are work-related, e.g., you could have traveled extensively, coached numerous community sports teams, run in 5Ks or marathons, climbed mountains, or dedicated many hours to fundraisers). Let us decide what is resume-worthy to showcase a well-rounded, accomplished, passionate, and motivated individual!


Client: How long does it take to receive the 1st draft?


Provide 3-5 CAR (challenge-action-result) scenarios that tell HOW you achieve great things. This collection of data "tells your story" and provides the transferable skills required to position you for a specific target. Interviews are most often based on a behavioral approach ("Tell us about a time when you ...") so, by the time you step into the interview, you are MORE than ready to affirm your professional value and will be interviewing to determine if it's where you want to work!




Client: What is the investment and how do I pay?

Your investment is based on the complexity of the project and level of experience. With a proven track record as an industry leader, the investment is due prior to document development. You can send a check or money order by snail mail (provided via email), or use PayPal (which will include an additional fee of 3%). Keep in mind that the project begins after the investment and career worksheets are received and will be delivered within approximately 14 business days from that date.




Client: How long does it take to receive the 1st draft?

Once your documents are received (old resume, career worksheets, company evaluations, etc.) along with the investment, your 1st draft will arrive via email within approximately 14 business days. A tighter deadline can also be discussed.