"Sharon is a true visionary who sees that we are not competitors, we are Career Super Hero's who arediligently focused on helping job seekers realize their goals."

- Darlene M. Dassy, BBA, CERW, CARW; Dynamic Resume Solutions (Sinking Spring, PA)

Mentor Testimonials

"Working in an environment where we've got the support of a terrific team and the awesome leadership of Sharon Williams has made JobRockit an instant success."

- Kris Plantrich

"I learn amazing formatting 'tricks' in regard to creating more electrifying visual documents that really 'pop'..."

- Michael Kranes Owner, Resume Slayer

"The chance to learn from the best doesn't come every day - talk about good energy coming together!"

- Darlene Craven

"I can't say enough about the vivacious, creative, and talented Sharon Williams. Her training and guidance has impacted my writing and my business in ways I never dreamed!"

- Erin Kennedy

Client Testimonials

"I went on my third interview today & by the time I got home they had already called and offered me the job! I started my new job & love love it! ... This job is opening so many doors for me!"

- Kristy Higgens

The interviewer was very, very impressed with the resume and other documentation. I can't thank you enough."

- J.K., Manager-Enterprise Data Sales, Verizon Communications

Sharon is able to take a raw collection of data and turn it into a masterpiece. She knows how to bring the most important components of a client's body of work to the forefront so they stand out loud and clear to even the busiest prospective employer. I highly recommend her work.
- S.E., General Manager, Marriott

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